Caramel Hazelnut Bar 12 x 42g

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The Caramel Hazelnut Raw Bar is made with six simple ingredients including cashews, hazelnuts, vanilla and sweetened with dates and coconut nectar. Perfect any time you want a satisfying snack, it's also organic, vegan and proudly junk-free!

Ingredients: Cashews*, hazelnuts* 25%, dates*, coconut nectar*, sea salt, vanilla extract*.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100g​
Per 42g
Energy 1949kJ/467kcal
Fat 30g 13g
– of which saturates
4g 1,7g
41g 17g
– of which sugars
30g 13g
Fibre 6g 2,5g
Protein 10g 4,2g
Salt 1,4g 0,59g