On a mission to help you snack better

It’s tasty and enjoyable… but is it worth it?

Junk food might satisfy an impulse. But it won’t give you much in terms of nutrients, energy or long-term satisfaction. Not to mention the potential long-term health issues associated with empty calories and sugar consumption.

Well, we were sick of asking ourselves that question. That’s why we set out to try and create a future without junk food. Our collection of clean and convenient snacks are made from simple, organic ingredients you can actually recognize—and taste like the indulgence you deserve.

Damn, It’s Good

Tastes like indulgence
We take inspiration from the cookies, sweets, and snacks you love the most, and recreate them as clean alternatives. All so you can maximize your enjoyment, without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle.

Clean and simple ingredients
That’s right. We make all our snacks from a short list of natural and certified organic ingredients, and with minimal processing to keep nutrients intact. Zero additives. Never any refined sugar. And always vegan and gluten-free.

Feel good moments on-the-go
When life gets busy, take more breaks! Our snacks are packaged so you can easily bring them with you to enjoy indulgent moments throughout your day. Perfect for pre or post workout pick-me-ups or coffee breaks at work.

Our Story

The story of Dig starts in Costa Rica. That’s when our founder Carolina von Rosen took her first bite of a raw chocolate cake. The unbelievably satisfying taste achieved with just a few simple and healthy ingredients sparked a mission in her heart.

“A bite of raw chocolate cake made me realize that it’s possible to make something indulgent that we can also feel good about.”

– Carolina von Rosen, CEO & Co-Founder

Sick of nutrient-poor and addictive snacks full of junk, glucose-spiking sugar, and empty calories, Carolina knew what she wanted to do with her life: Create a new kind of snack that tastes satisfyingly delicious without causing harm.

When Carolina returned to Sweden, she shared her dream—and a slice of raw chocolate cake—with her mother Ulrika. She too got hooked and, together, they set to work experimenting in the kitchen. Three months and 783.5 batches later, the first Dig snack was born.

Ulrika & Carolina

Today, all recipes are still developed from scratch in Carolina’s kitchen, and taste-tested by herself, her mom, and her pickiest friends. Our small team of fun-loving and dedicated individuals work everyday to fulfill the shared vision of a snack-happy future minus the junk.