As a growing member in the international snack market, with values such as transparency and sustainability, we want to take the lead on working towards a sustainable future. We strive to reduce our business’ environmental impact through every step of the value chain by: 

  • Ensuring that our products are 100% vegan by maintaining a close relationship to our production partner.
  • Maintaining a continuous dialogue with partners and subcontractors to ensure that all of our ingredients are organically produced according to (EG) 834/2007. 
  • Optimizing our logistics to reduce our fossil footprint. We are currently exploring alternative transport and fuel alternatives to further reduce our impact on the planet.
  • Reviewing our packaging alternatives. From a resource perspective, we strive to reduce the use of fossil-based materials and to move to renewable options, while we continuously work to counteract unnecessary waste. 
  • Only using FSC certified material for our display boxes.

Our ambition is that from 2020 we will externalize our environmental work in set goals. With 2020 as the base year, the goals formulated below are intended to be achieved within a three-year period – in this case before the end of 2023.

For transparency and clear understanding, the outlined goals are divided into short and long term goals.

Short term goals (2020-2021)

  • With the help of lab tests evaluate the possibility of switching to homogenous packaging to optimize the recycling rate.
  • Ensure that we provide shipping options that are climate neutral for our own ecommerce store.

Long term goals (2021-2023)

  • If possible, change to packaging made from 100% recycled or fossil-free material.
  • Switch to packaging that fully consists of the same material to optimize recyclability.
  • Avoid fossil-based transportation alternatives in shipments under our direct control, and where a sustainable alternative is offered.