No-Bake Banana M*lk Chocolate Crumble 12 x 35g

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The No-Bake Banana M*lk Chocolate Crumble is made with ten natural, organic ingredients including cashew butter, gluten-free oats, bananas and topped of with m*lk chocolate and coconut nectar. Perfect for when you are in need of extra energy!

Ingredients: Cashew butter*, coconut nectar*, gluten-free oats*, freeze-dried bananas* 8%, light chocolate 6% (cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, cacao paste*, gluten-free oats*, sea salt, vanilla extract*, cacao content 55%), cacao butter*, sea salt, vanilla extract.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100g​
Per 35g
Energy 2000kJ/480kcal
Fat 26g
– of which saturates
8,5g 3g
51g 18g
– of which sugars
28g 9,8g
Fibre 4g 1,4g
Protein 9,4g 3,3g
Salt 0,81g 0,28g