Lemon Cake Ball 16 x 25g

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Lemon Cake Ball is made with nine natural, organic ingredients including almond butter, gluten-free oats, cacao, lemon and sweetened with coconut nectar. Perfect to combine with a cup of tea.

Ingredients: Coconut nectar*, gluten-free oats*, almonds*, almond butter*, cashew butter*, cacao butter*, freeze-dried lemon juice* 2%, lemon essential oil* 0,4%, sea salt, vanilla extract*.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100g​
Per 25g
Energy 1550kJ/380kcal 390kJ/100kcal
Fat 18g 4,5g
– of which saturates
4,5g 1,1g
42g 11g
– of which sugars
24g 6g
Fibre 5g 1,3g
Protein 8,3g 2,1g
Salt 0,34g 0,09g